About CIBR Ready

Learn more about our company, and why we are passionate about certifying business in cyber readiness

CIBR Ready works with businesses and government agencies to provide information and data security at the appropriate levels across a wide variety of sectors and activities.

No two enterprises are exactly alike and each has its own security needs within the broader spectrum of requirements associated with their industry and customers. There is no “one size fits all” solution. So, what will yours look like?

Why CIBR Ready?

CIBR Ready was conceived to provide both turnkey and custom Cyber Security solutions to businesses and public sector agencies lacking either the expertise or capacity (or both) to address these complex and evolving needs on their own. 

A Developer Reviewing Code

A Ball of Confusion

Despite efforts within the IT industry and government to establish clear standards of cyber readiness, few reliable standards or best practices have emerged that can be easily understood and applied universally. Even those that have (such as the NIST standards) don’t necessarily apply equally across the industries, sectors, platforms, and protocols that make up our connected world.

Engineer checking Quality control

Untangling YOUR Sector

CIBR Ready exists to make the complex simple for your particular business and industry. By assessing your unique security needs, we can recommend and help you implement the standards and practices that will ensure you and your customers cyber peace of mind! In other words, you’ll be CIBR Ready!

Quality Promise

Although the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats makes it impossible for anyone to guarantee your lines of defense won’t ever be breached, the Certified CIBR Ready seal means you’re taking every precaution and are prepared and able to protect and defend, recuperate and remediate, if or when an attack ensues.

What we can guarantee, is that when you engage with CIBR Ready, you’ll have an able partner to assess and implement the security measures needed to keep yours and your customers data and systems safe from the cyber threats of our times. Whether the resources required are human, intellectual, or technological, CIBR is READY to serve.

Who Are We?

Grant Gibson

Executive Vice President

After exemplary service in the US Marines as a critical Communications Chief and pioneering IT instructor, Grant entered the civilian world as an instructor at MyComputerCareer where his distinguished performance soon placed him in the role of Campus Director in Columbus, OH. There, Grant piloted the school’s first ONLINE Cyber Security program hosting the online classroom at his facility.

Grant’s continued leadership in Cyber Security and his Marine experience led him to the position of Executive Director of Military Programs where he continued to expand both his technical expertise and the school’s outreach to all branches of the US Military. In 2019 Grant assumed the leadership role at CIBR Ready during its start-up phase. He was also appointed to the Training & Certifications Sub-committee of the National Institute for Standards & Time’s (NIST) Initiative on Cyber Security Education where he provides a voice of leadership to emerging Cyber technology education standards in the US.
Primary directive - deal with the Cyber Security workforce shortage.

Mark Baske

VP of Business Development

Mark Baske brings over 15 years of expertise in Global Cybersecurity Risk and Compliance solutions. He spent 10 years at the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate before moving to the front lines of the global war against high-tech crime at a Israel-based cybersecurity organization. Mark has worked at high-profiled multinational companies since then, in multiple cybersecurity leadership roles.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences from Minnesota State University (Computer Science, plus a Business Degree in Human Resources). He successfully completed an executive development program in Corporate Security, Analytics and Risk Mitigation/Control from The Wharton School, as well as Coaching for Leadership and Teamwork from Babson College.

Mark is an alumnus of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). He lives in Dallas, TX with his wife and young daughter.

John Arnette

Senior Busines Development Manager

John Arnette is CIBR Ready’s Senior Business Development Manager. He has over 10 years of experience in Sales and Business Development and has developed a keen understanding of the Cybersecurity ecosystem.

Prior to CIBR Ready, John spent six years at a eLearning firm, where he helped manage, measure, and mitigate cyber risks for a wide range of organizations.

John graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and was a three-time letterman on the golf team. He now lives in Ponte Vedra, Florida with his wife and three children, who occupy much of his free time. As an avid sports fan, you might find John grumbling about his golf game (or lack thereof).

Travis Jones

Virtualization Administrator

Travis Jones brings over eighteen years of Information Technology experience to the CIBR Ready team. Experienced in both Microsoft Windows and VMware virtualization, Travis has developed operational models, processes, procedures, and organizational structures for maintaining and maturing the IT infrastructure in numerous network environments. He has also built both physical and virtual servers from the ground up.

Travis' cybersecurity credentials include datacenter infrastructure and multiple VMware ESX host systems. He has worked on multiple Federal contracts with CIFUS and or Sensitive Clearances. His years of experience in integration, installation, and administration of these systems, Microsoft Windows and Linux systems give Travis a unique set of credentials to help our clients optimize their networks and server environments no matter the platform. Travis is a customer-centered professional who looks forward to serving your information security needs.

Andrew Liriano

Junior Developer

Andrew Liriano is CIBR Ready’s Junior Developer. He’s certified A+ and highly experienced in C#, SQL and JavaScript computer programming languages.

Prior to CIBR Ready, Andrew helped develop applications for Durham County as an IT Support Specialist. His work earned him recognition at the state level. He’ll now use that knowledge to develop apps for CIBR Range, CIBR Ready’s exclusive attack simulation software.

Andrew is a New York native who enjoys his free time editing videos and gaming with friends.

Sam Galati

Senior Security Operations Center Supervisor

Sam Galati is Senior Security Operation Center Supervisor for CIBR Ready. He brings over 10 years of customer service experience with 6 of those years in technical support.

Sam graduated from MyComputerCareer in 2014 and previously worked for the IT career school as a Tier II Technician. He holds several professional certifications including Network+ and brings a high level of experience and knowledge in operational support, troubleshooting, remote assistance and network configuration.

In his free time, Sam loves playing video and board games and snuggling next to his kittens, Toast and Waffles.

Kevin Phillips

Senior Developer

Kevin Phillips is CIBR Ready’s Senior Developer. He brings over 10 years of experience in web and mobile application development. He began teaching rudimentary computer game programming to himself in middle school using Microsoft’s Visual Basic language and landed his first paid programming internship while still in high school.

Kevin has designed and developed numerous web and mobile applications in his professional life and as a hobby. Areas of expertise include .NET stack, C#, JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, SQL, C and C++, Visual Basic, Apache Cordova, and more.

Kevin has an Associate Degree in Computer Programming from Wake Technical Community College. He lives in Wake County with his wife and dog and enjoys practicing martial arts in his free time (along with playing and coding games).

Crystal Lee

Product Manager

Crystal Lee is the Product Manager for CIBR Ready. She brings over 10 years of experience in education from around the world with 7 years’ experience managing projects with globally diverse teams.

Crystal graduated from Indiana University in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communications and Education. She has led teams in curriculum development for online implementation, completed Learning Management Systems migration, and mentored hundreds of teachers in virtual classrooms.

In her free time, Crystal enjoys playing board and video games, sculpting miniature food, woodworking, hiking, and watching movies with her two daughters.

James Becker

Junior Curriculum Developer

James Becker is the Junior Curriculum Developer for CIBR Ready. He has been a lifelong computer and electronics geek and graduated from MyComputerCareer in 2021, earning multiple certifications that included A+, Net+, and Security+.

Before joining the CIBR Ready team, James worked in Technical Support roles for the Hospitality and Mobile Electronics Industries, handling tier 1 and tier 2 technical issues. In the Hospitality Industry, he was an integral member of a team that raised the Technical Support and Satisfaction ratings of the company by over 70%.

James lives in Columbia, MO with his wife and two teenage sons. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, working on graphic design projects, playing video games with his sons, and cooking gourmet meals for family and friends.

Ben Dudek

Full Stack Developer (Advanced Intermediate III)

Beniamin Dudek is CIBR Ready’s Senior Software Engineer. He has been a Full Stack, .NET, and JavaScript Developer for over five years. His areas of expertise include software architecture and UI/UX design.

Beniamin helped develop code for various software tools and platforms in Poland, (where he’s from). Among his accomplishments is a warehouse, manufacturing, and logistics management software for large-scale Polish companies and factories. He also developed a gym and pool management software system for customers across Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

Beniamin now lives in Tennessee where he continues to code new, exciting software. As an experienced, analytical person, Beniamin takes pride in his projects. He works tirelessly to ensure platform stability and scalability and remains committed to improving the security and responsiveness with every new release.

Sarah Lynch

Senior Executive Administrator

Sarah Lynch is the Senior Executive Administrator for Cyber Institute for Battle Readiness. In this role, she supports both CIBR Ready and CIBR Warriors by providing agile office management and exceptional customer service. Prior to joining CIBR, Sarah worked as an Executive Assistant to a number of C-Level individuals in a wide range of industries, and has over 20 years of customer service experience. She holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Management from Roberts Wesleyan College (Rochester, NY).

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Sarah loves living in North Carolina! Her weekends are spent hiking with her husband and son or going to the beach. She is an avid reader and amateur photographer.

Let CIBR Ready Certify Your Business In Cyber Readiness!