About CIBR Ready

Learn more about our company, and why we are passionate about certifying business in cyber readiness

CIBR Ready works with businesses and government agencies to provide information and data security at the appropriate levels across a wide variety of sectors and activities.

No two enterprises are exactly alike and each has its own security needs within the broader spectrum of requirements associated with their industry and customers. There is no “one size fits all” solution. So, what will yours look like?

Why CIBR Ready?

CIBR Ready was conceived to provide both turnkey and custom Cyber Security solutions to businesses and public sector agencies lacking either the expertise or capacity (or both) to address these complex and evolving needs on their own. 

A Developer Reviewing Code

A Ball of Confusion

Despite efforts within the IT industry and government to establish clear standards of cyber readiness, few reliable standards or best practices have emerged that can be easily understood and applied universally. Even those that have (such as the NIST standards) don’t necessarily apply equally across the industries, sectors, platforms, and protocols that make up our connected world.

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Untangling YOUR Sector

CIBR Ready exists to make the complex simple for your particular business and industry. By assessing your unique security needs, we can recommend and help you implement the standards and practices that will ensure you and your customers cyber peace of mind! In other words, you’ll be CIBR Ready!

Quality Promise

Although the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats makes it impossible for anyone to guarantee your lines of defense won’t ever be breached, the Certified CIBR Ready seal means you’re taking every precaution and are prepared and able to protect and defend, recuperate and remediate, if or when an attack ensues.

What we can guarantee, is that when you engage with CIBR Ready, you’ll have an able partner to assess and implement the security measures needed to keep yours and your customers data and systems safe from the cyber threats of our times. Whether the resources required are human, intellectual, or technological, CIBR is READY to serve.

Who Are We?

Tony Galati


Tony is the Founder of one of America’s leading and most innovative IT Networking and Cyber Security technical colleges, MyComputerCareer. After 20-years as an IT professional, technical trainer, and training executive, Tony founded the school with the goal of “changing lives” through careers in IT. He has led the growth of his program, from a single campus graduating a couple hundred students annually, to a nationally recognized institution that serves over 5,000 students a year.

Recognizing the deficit in Cyber Security expertise in the IT community globally, Tony began training students early to fill that void. CIBR Ready is the next step of information security service bringing this needed expertise into the hands of large and small businesses and other organizations everywhere.

Grant Gibson

Managing Director

After exemplary service in the US Marines as a critical Communications Chief and pioneering IT instructor, Grant entered the civilian world as an instructor at MyComputerCareer where his distinguished performance soon placed him in the role of Campus Director in Columbus, OH. There, Grant piloted the school’s first ONLINE Cyber Security program hosting the online classroom at his facility.

Grant’s continued leadership in Cyber Security and his Marine experience led him to the position of Executive Director of Military Programs where he continued to expand both his technical expertise and the school’s outreach to all branches of the US Military. In 2019 Grant assumed the leadership role at CIBR Ready during its start-up phase. He was also appointed to the Training & Certifications Sub-committee of the National Institute for Standards & Time’s (NIST) Initiative on Cyber Security Education where he provides a voice of leadership to emerging Cyber technology education standards in the US.
Primary directive - deal with the Cyber Security workforce shortage.

Travis Jones

More coming soon!

Alan Kutner

Lead Curriculum Developer

After retiring as a U.S. Navy Corpsman, Alan entered the Internet Service Provider community in the Washington D.C. area starting as a Network Engineer and ultimately serving as a Director of Wide Area Network Services and Security for a major ISP’s national business office infrastructure.

From there, Alan transitioned to the dynamic technical training world where he excelled as an instructor delivering classes ranging from entry-level IT skills to ethical hacking and penetration testing in the cybersecurity specialty. Having served as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Director of Education, Director of Curriculum and an advisor on CompTIA’s Instructor Network, Alan is now leveraging his classroom experience to build cyber-range exercises that produce cyber-ready employees for businesses and other organizations everywhere.

Let CIBR Ready Certify Your Business In Cyber Readiness!