CIBR Ready Assessment and Consultation


CIBR Ready Assessment and Consultation

Let’s face it, your data is in jeopardy every day. It’s part of doing business in a digital environment. Learn to manage your risk, and understand how and where to get started.

A risk assessment is a great tool to help align business goals with cost-effective security measures. Every need is different depending on the size of your organization and available resources.

Maybe you need more staff, training and/or a specialized software, all of which we can provide once you know and understand your weak points. Take the first step to becoming CIBR Ready today with our FREE, personal risk assessment. Get results back for your company in minutes. No obligation!

Now introducing a special assessment for companies using a ubiquitous, Java-based software on Windows and Linux Platforms. Click the button to the right to learn more and get information on our special Log4j assessment and remediation plan. For a general overview assessment, click the button to the left

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All Done? Results Are Minutes Away!

Once your personal risk assessment is done, watch for an email with a summary of your results. A CIBR Ready representative will follow-up with you for a one-on-one session to review your results and make recommendations for next steps. This FREE, no obligation, 15-minute consultation could save you a lifetime of headaches and heartaches. What’s there to lose?


Gain Knowledge and Powerful Solutions

After the initial phone/video consultation, you may elect for us to interview your key personnel, review current security policies and procedures, and further evaluate your network architecture to identify any system vulnerabilities. This can take place onsite or online. Each assessment will result in written documentation detailing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and recommendations.

Based on your results, we will work with you to develop a remediation plan that addresses your weaknesses. This may include specific tasks to perform, policies to establish, settings and configurations that may be required, and the personnel resources with the right credentials and skills needed to implement and administer your plan. Any of this can be made available to you at CIBR Ready – from staffing support to training, resources or a combination of all three.

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Becoming ‘CIBR Ready’, Certifying Your Business

You’ve completed your self-assessment, reviewed findings and implemented all of the necessary solutions we recommended you take for the best possible protection. The final stamp of approval is receiving your Certified CIBR Ready Designation. Use this key identifier on your website or brochure!

CIBR Ready Certification tells customers and vendors you’re a cyber-safe organization to do business with. You’ve implemented all of the necessary solutions, demonstrating a high level of cybersecurity in your policies, systems, and practices. You have the certification to prove it. With highly secure measures in-place, customers and vendors know their information will be kept private, safe, and secure in your hands.


Looking for another CIBR Ready service? Click below to learn more about our other simple, affordable solutions to protect your entire organization no matter your size or resources.


CIBR Range

This cloud-based learning management system trains IT staff to recognize and mitigate risk in a real-world environment. No computer installation required. Just log-in and go! Designed for all IT skills, from entry to expert level!


Assessment and Consultation

Know your organization’s security vulnerabilities, so you can take corrective action. It may not be as simple as just hiring more IT staff (or it may). Take our FREE self-assessment and find your weak spots.


Certified CIBR Ready

Your Certified CIBR Ready Designation tells customers and vendors that you are a cyber-safe organization. There are three steps to becoming Certified CIBR Ready.


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Schedule time to talk to us about simple, affordable solutions to protect your entire organization no matter your size or resources.

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