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About CIBR Range

If you’ve never trained on the Range, you haven’t really prepared yourself for the real thing. This LIVE, simulated experience allows you to further advance into the IT field or brush up on new skills critical to IT security.

Using CIBR Range, you and/or your IT and Cybersecurity teams learn and practice in a virtualized, gamified environment that mirrors your organization’s network–much like a “sandbox,” and provides customizable real-world scenarios for handling data security threats. This isn’t multiple-choice. This is hands-on learning for you to recognize, navigate and mitigate the kinds of cyber attacks likely to occur in your real-world environment at any time.

You don’t have to install CIBR Range on your computer. This cloud-based solution needs only an internet browser and proper credentials and off you go, into a world solving some of the most complex security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Train for The Real Thing

  • Browser-based virtual environments makes it easy for anyone to get started and participate in
  • Extensive step-by-step instructions guide you toward the main objectives
  • Pre-configured exercises require minimal setup. Just log-in and go!
  • Intuitive interface enhances navigation and the overall user experience

Here and Now, More to Come…

Version one of CIBR Range takes you step-by-step through every command line of Linux Essentials. New content for other entry-level IT concepts like A+ and Security+ is now in development, with high-functioning cyber-specific simulations to boot. Every training module takes learners through multiple scenarios in real time on highly secure platforms.

Built by learners at one of America’s leading and most innovative IT Networking and Cyber Security technical colleges, MyComputerCareer, CIBR Range encourages efficient learning in an easy-to-use system.

All training is powered by MyComputerCareer — an elite team of cyber SMEs, learning specialists and top security instructors. We rigorously vet each course to guarantee compliance requirements and teaching efficiencies. Looking for training customized to you? Let’s Talk! CIBR Range is an integrated Learning Management System with a ‘range’ of possibilities for your individual or business needs.

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