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About CIBR Range

If you’ve never trained on a range, you haven’t really prepared yourself for the real thing. This safe, LIVE NETWORK experience enables you to build your networking and cybersecurity skills on the command line in a real-world, working network environment

Using CIBR Range, you and/or your IT and Cybersecurity teams learn and practice in a virtualized, gamified environment similar to your organization’s network–much like a “sandbox,” and provides customizable real-world scenarios for handling data security threats. This isn’t multiple-choice. This is hands-on learning for you to recognize, navigate and mitigate the kinds of cyberattacks likely to occur in your real-world environment at any time.

You don’t have to install CIBR Range on your computer. This cloud-based solution needs only an internet browser and proper credentials and off you go, into a world solving some of the most complex security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Train for The Real Thing

  • Browser-based virtual environments makes it easy for anyone to get started and participate
  • Extensive step-by-step instructions guide you toward the main objectives
  • Pre-configured exercises require minimal setup. Just log-in and go!
  • Intuitive interface enhances navigation and the overall user experience
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Retail pricing:

Annual subscription

Pricing Tier

Annual Fee

Academia clients will receive an additional 15% off these prices.
Prices are good for 2022 and are subject to change.


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CIBR Range

This cloud-based learning management system trains IT staff to recognize and mitigate risk in a real-world environment. No computer installation required. Just log-in and go! Designed for all IT skills, from entry to expert level!


Assessment and Consultation

Know your organization’s security vulnerabilities, so you can take corrective action. It may not be as simple as just hiring more IT staff (or it may). Take our FREE self-assessment and find your weak spots.


Certified CIBR Ready

Your Certified CIBR Ready designation tells customers and vendors that you are a cyber-safe organization. There are three steps to becoming Certified CIBR Ready.


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