Is Your Business Certified CIBR Ready?

Safeguard your mission critical data from the Cyber Security threats of today and tomorrow

Start Protecting Yourself and Your Clients

Assessment and Consultation
with Free Self-Assessment!

Know your organization’s security vulnerabilities, so you can take corrective action! It may not be as simple as just hiring more IT staff (or it may).

Take our FREE self-assessment and find your weak spots. A representative will follow up with you for a more in-depth analysis, which could include onsite visits or further consultation.

Armed with knowledge, you’ll know how many IT personnel you need, what types of policies, procedures, resources and configurations you require to ensure full protection.

CIBR Range Testing Simulator

Need to brush up on Linux? Retake A+? What about a new cyber skill for your resume? Get trained in IT security essentials and be CIBR Ready for whatever comes your way.

Apply your knowledge in an actual IT environment accessed only by an internet browser. No installation! Complete tasks in a virtual, gamified system and immediately see the impact of your actions LIVE.

All your simulated training material is in one place with CIBR Range, a NEW cloud-based tool for individual learning or team-based IT training solutions.

CIBR Warriors Staffing
and Contracting Services

Without trained staff, you can’t effectively deploy the right security controls and/or processes to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

But, you MUST fill these roles quickly, even at a time when it’s difficult to find skilled labor.

In coordination with our partner organization, CIBR Warriors, you can identify and place the right people in the right roles and eliminate bad hiring choices for good, saving time and money in the process.

NEW CIBR Ready Certification

Ensure a strong foundation in Cybersecurity best practices. Showcase your IT security skills and deep knowledge of networking and system administration fundamentals.

This credential, available in 2022, will get you and your organization CIBR Ready for the security challenges of the next decade. Check back for more exciting updates to come!

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