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Our Mission

OUR MISSION: To inspire and activate businesses to achieve cyber readiness through innovative strategies, education, staff augmentation, and technology.

At CIBR Ready, we are going on offense to create a proactive, end-to-end approach to cyber defense.

We simplify the complex cybersecurity landscape so your business will have a clear, achievable path to cyber readiness. We will assess your vulnerabilities, identify current risks, and help you implement a comprehensive plan to achieve the level of cybersecurity required for your business and industry.

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For Businesses and Organizations

CIBR provides a path to a secure environment for companies that might not be able to obtain it on their own. Being a “Certified CIBR Ready” organization gives you both peace of mind and a competitive advantage. We provide everything your company needs for organizational security at the appropriate level–from assessment to implementation–including pathways, technology, staffing, training, and certification. With our certifications, you can be confident that your customers’ personal data is safe from loss or theft.

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For Consumers

CIBR Ready assures your customers that their personal information is shielded. Consumers who are working with a “Certified CIBR Ready” business can rest easy knowing that the appropriate measures to protect their personal data against cyber threats have been taken. “Certified CIBR Ready” organizations minimize risk of exposure to cyber hazards like identity theft and viral hacks.rnrnBy using CIBR Ready, both you as a business and your customers can all share peace of mind knowing that your data and their information is safe and secure. 

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