The Digital Flaw You Didn’t Know About: Apache Log4j


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If you or your business operates any internet-facing system – from networks to smart devices – hackers could exploit a vulnerability found in common logging software called Apache Log4j. This is an open-source, Java-based program responsible for recording or ‘logging’ activity on your device, everything from error pages to the memory you may have used.

A tech researcher uncovered the bug, known as ‘Log4Shell,’ in early December 2021 and notified Apache developers. Government officials are urging companies to take immediate, corrective action and implement critical software upgrades to protect themselves. 

The major concern is Log4j’s prevalence. Logging is a fundamental feature of most software, from popular video games to cloud services like Apple iCloud and AWS. Many companies don’t know where or how Log4j is being used because it’s often bundled with other software.

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Do you know where your vulnerability may exist? 

Contact CIBR Ready today and let us provide you with a top-to-bottom assessment of your systems and offer a remediation plan for your Log4Shell vulnerability. Fill out the form below and we’ll follow up ASAP with next steps.

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So, how do I uncover Log4Shell and what does my assessment entail?

First, you need to understand your use of Log4j. Scripts and scanning tools can assess your risk and impact. Systems administrators at CIBR Ready can help further investigate the source. 

Learn how to protect your organization with our specialized, targeted vulnerability assessment and security testing. Here’s an overview of what our analysis might look like: 

  1. Automatic scan of your network and associated applications
  2. Thorough investigation of all parameters, cookies, and HTTP headers 
  3. Identify exploitable strings 
  4. Verify all vulnerable Log4j implementations
  5. Implement any necessary software upgrade solutions 

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