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CIBR Ready provides a path to a secure environment for large and small organizations that might not be able to obtain it on their own. Being a “Certified CIBR Ready” company gives you both peace of mind and a competitive advantage.

Through three main service areas–CIBR Range, our “Certified CIBR Ready” designation, and CIBR Support consisting of consulting, staffing, and contracting Services–CIBR Ready equips you with all the resources you need to protect your company and your customers from the most pressing cybersecurity threats.

CIBR Range

Using the CIBR Range, your IT and cybersecurity team is able to learn and practice in a virtual, gamified environment that provides customizable real-world simulations for handling data security threats. This offers your team hands-on experience in recognizing and mitigating the kinds of cyber attacks they are likely to encounter in your specific business, I.T. and cybersecurity environment. 

Certified CIBR Ready Designation

Your Certified CIBR Ready Designation tells customers and vendors that you are a cyber-safe organization. To achieve this accreditation, you’ll need to demonstrate a high level of cybersecurity in your policies, systems, and practices. There are three steps to becoming Certified CIBR Ready.

STEP 1: The Audit

Your cybersecurity audit is perhaps the most important preemptive strike you can take against a future cyber-catastrophe. Traditional audits happen AFTER damage has already been done, primarily to quantify that damage. Then, credit card companies and others use the audit results to justify huge fees and fines that could ultimately ruin you. 

CIBR Ready performs a pre-event audit to help you avoid those nasty consequences altogether. It is comprised of three elements:

  1. An in-depth questionnaire about the policies and procedures you currently have in place to secure your systems and data. 
  2. A scheduled on-site visit including interviews with key personnel, a review of current security policies, and an evaluation of your systems architecture to identify any vulnerabilities. 
  3. Written Assessment: After the audit, you’ll receive a high-level summary of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and recommendations.

Based on the audit results, we will work with you to develop a remediation plan that addresses your weaknesses. This will include specific tasks to perform, policies to establish, settings and configurations that may be required, and the personnel resources with required credentials and skills you’ll need to implement and administer your plan.

Consulting, Staffing  and Contracting Services

CIBR Ready offers consultation and contracting services to assist you in becoming fully prepared for cybersecurity threats. As part of our comprehensive solution, we provide effective cyber staffing through a clear understanding of known IT certifications that equip your IT and cybersecurity team with the offensive and defensive weapons, knowledge and skills required to support specific levels of cyber readiness.

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